Interview with artist Alison Lowery

Interview with artist Alison Lowery

In this episode of The Truth In This Art, Rob interviewed Alison Lowery, a New Orleans based artist, and they discuss her work, NOLA's mascot and much more.
Brief summary of episode:

New Orleans based - both the art and the artist. Alison is a NOLA mixed media painter on a mission to repurpose local canvases, paint, and frames to create unique pieces evocative of the city’s vibrant music and emotions. Every piece is both up-cycled and one-of-kind.  She uses her fingers and nails to paint the human emotion. Her work can be seen in galleries on the most popular street in New Orleans - Magazine street. Alison has also participated in artistic causes in and around the city of New Orleans. She is excited about sharing her thought process and how to succeed as an artist. 

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