Interview with Nicole Foster (Cajou Creamery)

Interview with Nicole Foster (Cajou Creamery)

In this episode of The Truth In This Art, Rob interviewed Nicole Foster co-founder of Cajou Creamery, Cajou is a mission-driven, plant-based creamery & cafe located in downtown Baltimore that produces exceptional hand-made cashew milk ice cream from scratch, and discussed his start in the plant-based ice cream, leadership and much more.

Brief summary of episode:

To this husband and wife duo, Cajou represents the joy of choosing, preparing and eating real food, made from scratch. We reimagine ice cream as a healthy treat. Cajou consists of a chef with more than a decade of culinary expertise, topped with a public health attorney, swirled with two ice-cream loving kids and sprinkled with lots of love. Cajou is committed to making ice cream better, using real ingredients that are responsibly sourced. We are proud to offer our Pints of Joy from our hearts to your home and hope to change the ice cream game, one spoonful at a time. One love!

About Cajou Creamery

Fueled by an unending desire for real food and real ingredients, we have reimagined ice cream as healthy, guilt-free food! Our goal is to make ice cream better - better tasting, better for your body and better for the planet. Cajou Creamery (Kah-jū) is a plant-based ice cream company based in Baltimore, MD, committed to crafting super-premium ice cream using whole superfoods, free from chemicals, artificial flavors, or fillers. Cajou is the first and only plant-based creamery in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), and the first to exclusively use hand-crafted plant milks to create our bases.

We celebrate simplicity in ice cream, using a few, responsibly-sourced, nutrient-rich ingredients to churn out flavors into luxurious, creamy, dairy-free ice cream. As a result of our purist standards, our small batch hand-crafted ice creams sing with the authenticity of pure ingredients.

Through our chef-driven flavors, we take you on a journey around the world! Currently, we have seven globally-inspired flavors that represent our passion for travel and international cuisine.

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Cajou Creamery

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