Interview with Chef Isaac Toups, Toups Meatery (The Truth In This Art Beyond: New Orleans)

Interview with Chef Isaac Toups, Toups Meatery (The Truth In This Art Beyond: New Orleans)

In this episode of The Truth In This Art Beyond: New Orleans, host Rob Lee sits down with renowned chef Isaac Toups, owner of Toups Meatery, a popular restaurant located in New Orleans. Known for his unique takes on Cajun cuisine, Chef Toups is a four-time finalist for James Beard "Best Chef: South," a Bravo TV's "Top Chef" season 13 "Fan Favorite," and the author of The New York Times' "Best Cookbooks of Fall," Chasing the Gator.

Born and raised in Rayne, Louisiana, Chef Toups has deep roots in Southern Louisiana and a deep appreciation for Cajun cuisine. Join Rob and Chef Toups as they delve into the world of one of New Orleans' most celebrated chefs and explore his elevated approach to Southern cuisine at Toups Meatery.

Listen as Chef Toups shares his story, his passion for Southern cuisine, and his thoughts on the vibrant culinary scene that defines New Orleans. From his upbringing in Louisiana to his rise to fame as a chef and author, Chef Toups provides insight into the world of culinary arts and the role that food plays in preserving cultural heritage.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the vibrant culinary scene of New Orleans, the history and evolution of Cajun cuisine, and the role of food in preserving cultural heritage.

About Toups Meatery

When you eat with the Toups family, it's an experience. They've been in Louisiana for over 300 years, so they've developed an incredible relationship with the food and the land. Inspired by these deep-rooted Louisiana family traditions, Isaac and Amanda opened Toups’ Meatery restaurant in the Spring of 2012 to share that unique eating experience with the food-loving people of New Orleans.

At Toups’ Meatery, you’ll find authentic cracklins’ on the menu which have been called “equal to Christendom’s finest”, cocktails by the pitcher, and the Meatery Board, a wonderful selection of house cured meats and accompaniments. Slow cooked, meltingly tender Lamb Neck, Confit Chicken Thighs with chicken liver and cornbread dressing, and other substantive dishes that reflect Chef Isaac’s sophisticated approach to Cajun cuisine.

Photo credit: Romero & Romero Photography

Welcome to the Truth In This Art Beyond: New Orleans!

Having a diverse arts scene, New Orleans is one of the most interesting, culturally vibrant and unique cities in the world. 

Join Rob Lee, host of The Truth in This Art podcast, on his journey from Baltimore to New Orleans. As a lover of art and culture, Rob's favorite city to visit is the vibrant and dynamic city of New Orleans. In January of 2023, Rob visited the city to conduct a series of interviews as a love letter to the city and its rich culture. This episode is a part of the Baltimore to New Orleans series. 

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This interview was recorded in New Orleans during Mardi Gras season in January 2023. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
Chef Isaac Toups
Chef Isaac Toups
Follow me @toupsmeatery and @teamtoups on twitter and instagram. Chef/owner of Toups' Meatery in Nola. Dad and husband to Amanda.

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