Danvic Celebrado Royer

Danvic Celebrado-Royer. Founder and Creator at Mister Kokedama

About the guest

Mister Kokedama is a Baltimore-based business that creates unique handcrafted bonsai through the process of wrapping and binding different varieties of plants in mosses. We cultivate an environment in which we emphasize one’s connection with nature through teaching the delicate and intimate process of making and caring for the kokedama. Our goal is to raise environmental awareness and participate in conversations concerning climate change. Mister Kokedama creates zero waste and the entirety of the product is 100% natural and biodegradable. We also support local nurseries and garden centers in the Greater Baltimore area that provide a wide range of high-quality tropicals to succulents and everything in between.

The Truth In This Art
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Mr Kokedama
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