Diana Carla Rowe

Contemporary Painter Diana Carla Rowe has refined the art world with each piece in her collection and is actively continuing her quest to expand. Her inspiration comes from the idea that we’re all connected despite our differences; there is one central emotion that we come back to whether it’s love, anger, or passion.

About the guest

Diana Carla Rowe is a Contemporary Artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in Austin, Texas  Rowe’s parent’s migration from Jamaica to New York City inspired her move to Brooklyn, New York in. She currently works and develops paintings and illustration projects in her Greenpoint studio. She has created work for Neiman Marcus, Early Majority, and Home Goods. Her work can be described as surrealist automatism as well as mixed media abstractions.There is a repetitive nature that carries through her work representing the passing faces of those around her.  Her work scales from 30 in x 30 in to 120 in x 120 in. Her first solo exhibition “Much More Than Madness” is on from July 1st, 2022- Sept 2022 at The Nka Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee

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photograhers : Vincent K Rutherford Yekaterina Gyadu Treysaun Mcgeachy

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