Alexander Madaus and Mike Holcomb of Fells Point Cultivated Creations

Fells Point Cultivated Creations is a vibrant community space with a wide variety of plants, terrariums and a curated collection of art from local makers. Based in Baltimore, Maryland

ABOUT Fells Point Cultivated Creations

Cultivated Creations started as a house plant hobby gone wild. Founder Mike Holcomb always enjoyed gardening and became enraptured by the science of living terrariums, getting crafty with plants and putting them in his empty window storefront.
One day the window ran out of space and we realized we could share these creations with the community that loved seeing them from afar. Partnering with local artist Alexander Madaus, they set out to create a space for the community to grow with the greenery.  Thus, Cultivated Creations was born.
We love that this is a way to bring joy to others and brighten up the community and we want to continue to grow and help others learn how to grow both plants and their spirits each day.

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