Interview with artist Ariel Barbosa

Interview with artist Ariel Barbosa

Welcome to this episode of the Rob Lee Interviews podcast! In this installment, Rob sits down with Ariel Barbosa, a community organizer, artist, and capoeirista who is proud to call both Baltimore and Bahia, Brasil her homes. Ariel is launching a new organization called "A Gente," which translates to "the people" in Brazilian Portuguese. Through this organization, Ariel hopes to broaden our understanding of what "us" means, and to reconnect the African diaspora through events and art spaces led by artists from Baltimore and Bahia.

Join Rob and Ariel as they discuss the inspiration behind "A Gente," the cultural connections between Baltimore and Bahia, and the importance of community organizing and art in bringing people together. Whether you're a fan of capoeira, interested in learning more about the African diaspora, or simply curious about how art can create meaningful connections, you won't want to miss this fascinating conversation. So tune in, and get ready to be inspired by Ariel's passion for bringing people together through art and community!

The Truth in This Art podcast's current season is sponsored by The Gutierrez Memorial Fund and The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, both of which are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Baltimore and beyond. The Gutierrez Memorial Fund focuses on supporting artists and art organizations that serve Maryland communities, while The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation invests in innovative individuals, projects, and ideas. We appreciate their support in making this season happen.

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