Ashley Williams of Clymb

Ashley Williams is the Founder & CEO at Clymb.

About the guest

Ashley Williams is the Founder & CEO at Clymb.

Ashley Williams is an educator, school leader, and emotional intelligence expert with over a decade of experience in education. She has written and implemented socio-emotional and mindfulness curriculums for schools, non-profits, students and educators. She is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner.

About Clymb

Empower youth to improve their emotional health and find greater peace, focus, and success in and out of the classroom with Clymb—an interactive emotional wellness software designed just for them. Each young person receives a personalized plan based on the state of their emotional health according to Clymb’s research-backed assessments.

This interview is brought to you in part my the support of Innovation Works Baltimore.

Innovation Works Baltimore is an innovative, collaborative resource network that connects neighborhoods, entrepreneurs, social innovation assets, and investors to build sustainable neighborhood economies in Baltimore.

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