Interview with artist Jeffrey Felten-Green

Interview with artist Jeffrey Felten-Green

In this episode of The Truth In This Art, Rob interviewed Jeffrey Felten-Green, Painter/Woodworker , and discussed his art process and much more.

Brief summary of episode:

Jeffrey Felten-Green is a Painter/Woodworker. The paintings and crafts he creates appeal to his own sensibility of what art is. Many of his ideas are satirical, playful and at times, serious. They are snapshots of everyday life, or a life he conceives of in his imagination. My collections of African inspired painting, icons, political paintings, folk pieces and parodies reflect his influences, muses, and the things that are important to him.

The Truth In This Art
The Truth In This Art is a podcast interview series supporting vibrancy and development of Baltimore & beyond's arts and culture.

Mentioned in this episode:
Jeffrey's Website

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