Interview with Jeffrey Kent, Artist & Curator

Interview with Jeffrey Kent, Artist & Curator

In this episode of The Truth In This Art, Jeffrey Kent, artist, curator, and culture producer based in Baltimore, and discussed the artist lifestyle, his career and much more.

Brief summary of episode:

Jeffrey Kent is a multidisciplinary artist. His artwork is conceptual, informed by the historical and the personal, inextricably linked. He utilizes the medium best suited for the subject and temperament of the discussion he is creating. His acrylic-based paintings are generally large works, dramatic in gesture, color, layering, composition, and presentation. Sculpture and bricolage works emphasize the socio-political meaning in ordinary objects of daily life. In critically examining the accessibility of the contemporary Art World, Kent develops live performance and community investment projects.

Jeffrey Kent’s artwork is a passionate investigation of issues related to the political and economic foundations of freedom and the role of responsible citizenship. Kent explores the intimate experience of the individual interacting with the idiosyncrasies of their world- specifically the experience of the black American citizen.

A consistent thread running through his artwork is the tension between the weighty internalized racial oppression countered by the dream of freedom and the intrinsic worth of the individual. The simultaneous plain and exuberance of black Americans is the focus of the candid conversation between Kent and his audience.

In addition to his art practice, Jeffrey Kent is the founded the Subbasement Artist Studios (2004-2014), an alternative art space in Baltimore; co-owner/founder of art and decor retail space, Unexpected Art Space (2013-2016); and co-founder of Connect+Collect (2018 - current), an initiative designed to create awareness and momentum among new and experienced collectors, provide professional development to Baltimore-based artists, and promote a culture of collecting in Baltimore. He is also actively engaged as the Artistic Director of the Peale Center; America's 1st building designed as a museum. Kent provides collecting and curatorial services for private and corporate collectors and mentors apprentices and artists through his LLC, Accomplished Art Services. His artworks are in the collections of National Academy of Sciences, FTI Consulting Inc., Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, among others.

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