Interview with performer Jennifer Eden

Interview with performer Jennifer Eden

In this episode of The Truth In This Art, Rob interviewed Jennifer Eden, your favorite Femme Daddy, a Certified Sex Educator, performer, poet, they go by Mx. Eden if you’re nasty , and they discuss how they creates, kink dynamics, and their experience performing for audiences in Philly, New York, New Orleans, DC.

Jennifer Eden is your favorite Femme Daddy, dominating crowds from the classroom to the dungeon. A certified sexuality educator and pleasure coach, this Black queer nonbinary femme has been schoolin' folks on consent, gender-affirming language, and kink dynamics everywhere from BDSM dungeons to Ivy League universities up and down the east coast for over a decade. Through poetry and storytelling, they bring their unique style of sensual edutainment and wet humor (never dry) to every stage they touch. Audiences in Philly, New York, New Orleans, DC, and of course their hometown of Baltimore, have all experienced Jennifer Eden, Mx. Eden if you're nasty. Be ready to laugh. Be ready to think. And be ready to open yourself to pleasure in ways you've never experienced.

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