Interview with Martinus Evans (300 Pounds and Running)

Interview with Martinus Evans (300 Pounds and Running)

In this episode of The Truth In This Art, Rob interviewed Martinus Evans, an 8x Marathoner, Run Coach, Influencer and driving force behind 300 Pounds and Running , and they discuss his motivations, crushing stereotypes and public vs private life.
 Martinus Evans is an 8x Marathoner, Run Coach, Influencer and driving force behind 300 Pounds and Running.

At 300 Pounds and, we value consistency,courage,determination, dedication, positivity and perseverance. We understand that if we want to be better than who we are now, we must do the work.

We don’t do diets! Diets are temporary, they do not breed long-term success.

We respect the process! It did not take us a month to gain this weight and it most certainly will not take a month to lose it.

We don’t use excuses! Excuses are tools of the incompetent used to build bridges to nowhere, those use them become monuments of nothingness and seldom do or become anything and I know you’re better than that.

We aim for progress, not perfection! Perfection is for magazines and Disney movies, where everyone is computer altered and live happily ever after. Instead, we strive to go further than we did yesterday, knowing that consistency is the only way to crush our goals!

We love ourselves unconditionally! We leave the hating to the haters, because they are our biggest motivators.

We are honest to ourselves! Loving ourselves means being truthful and honest to ourselves no matter what.

We forgive ourselves and others! When we are honest to ourselves, we find that sometimes the truth hurts and we must forgive ourselves and others for the wrongdoings done upon us. Forgiveness is the rebirth of hope, the reorganization of thought, and the reconstruction of dreams. It is truly the only way to move on to greatness within you.

Lastly, we Chase Values and Crush Goals…We let our values about life and fitness be the driving force and compass to our journey and we crush goals along the way to reaching our values.

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