In this episode, host Rob Lee sits down with Nick Tofani, an illustrator hailing from Massachusetts whose art is centered around the realms of horror and gaming. Join Rob as he delves into Nick's creative process, discussing his inspirations and techniques for bringing his chilling visions to life. Along the way, they explore the intersection between art and fear, and the unique challenges and rewards of creating illustrations that are both visually stunning and viscerally terrifying. Whether you're a fan of horror, gaming, or just great art, this conversation is sure to offer plenty of insight and inspiration. So, tune in and discover the dark and captivating world of Nick Tofani's illustrations.;ord={cb};request_ts={timestamp};user_agent={UserAgent};ip_address={IP};listener_id={listenerId};episode_id=${parameters['awEpisodeId']!};podcast_id=${parameters['awCollectionId']!}
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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
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