Q+A with artist Alex Schechter (The Truth In This Art Beyond: Philadelphia)

Q+A with artist Alex Schechter (The Truth In This Art Beyond: Philadelphia)

Join us on "The Truth In This Art" podcast as host Rob Lee engages in a captivating conversation with J Alex Schechter, a talented sculptor based in Philadelphia, PA. Dive into the intriguing world of Alex's artistic journey, where he seamlessly blends traditional woodworking methods, digital fabrication, found objects, video, and animation.

In this episode, Alex shares his unique background and educational journey, including his studies in religious studies and sculpture. Discover how his religious studies background influences and manifests in his artistic creations, adding depth and meaning to his work.

Explore the challenges and opportunities that arise from working with various materials, as Alex combines different techniques and mediums to bring his vision to life. Uncover his complex relationship with American mythology and gain insights into his thoughts and feelings about this captivating subject.

Delve into the profound messages embedded within Alex's artwork and discover the deeper meaning behind his creations. Learn how his artistic expression reveals aspects of his own personal journey and identity.

Alex also opens up about his recent influences, drawing inspiration from visual art, literature, film, and music. Discover the works that have shaped his artistic perspective and why they hold significant importance for him.

Step into Alex's studio and get a glimpse of his typical day as an artist. Explore the dynamics of his creative process, from solitary moments of introspection to collaborations and idea-sharing with fellow artists.

Join us as we unravel the artistic brilliance of J Alex Schechter, a sculptor whose work transcends boundaries and invites us to question and explore the world around us.

The Truth In This Art, hosted by Rob Lee, explores contemporary art and cultural preservation through candid conversations with artists, curators, and cultural leaders about their work, creative processes and the thinking that goes into their creativity. Rob also occasionally interviews creatives in other industries such as acting, music, and journalism. The Truth In This Art is a podcast for artists, art lovers and listeners interested in the creative process.

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