Q+A with musician Sunny Cowell

Q+A with musician Sunny Cowell

In this episode of Truth In This Art, host Rob Lee interviews Sunny Cowell, an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, viola player, and guitarist based in the Baltimore/DC region. Born into a musical family, Sunny grew up under the guidance of her jazz composer and musician father, Stanley Cowell. Her love for music was ignited at an early age, and she began writing and performing music as a child. In this podcast, we explore Sunny's musical journey, from writing her first song at just five years old to performing at the Montreal International Jazz Fest. 

Beyond her music career, Sunny is also a practicing attorney, and we explore the intersection of her two passions and how they complement each other. From her early musical training to her latest projects, Sunny's story is one of determination, creativity, and a commitment to her craft. Join us as we uncover the truth in this art with Sunny Cowell.

This episode of The Truth In This Art is part of National Jazz Appreciation Month, a celebration that takes place every April. Jazz music is a captivating fusion of multiple cultures, incorporating the classical styles of both America and Europe with the influence of West African culture and folk songs. Jazz music boasts a little bit of everything - an unforgettable melody, rich harmony, a rhythm that resonates within you, and outstanding improvisations that make the genre truly unique.

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Rob Lee
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Sunny Cowell
Sunny Cowell
Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Attorney #SwarthmoreCollege #UMDLaw Daughter of Jazz Composer #StanleyCowell