Q+A with photographer Farrah Skeiky

Q+A with photographer Farrah Skeiky

Farrah Skeiky is an Arab American photographer, musician, creative director, and writer based in Washington, DC. Her work celebrates those who make and do in their element, subcultures and underrepresented communities. Raised in Seattle and later in the DC suburbs, Skeiky has been immersed in two regions known for significant contributions to underground music that have informed her work. She began photographing live music in 2008, focusing primarily on punk, DIY, and drag communities. Skeiky highlights race and gender inclusion within these groups and examines how transience works for and against them in an ever-changing city. Skeiky has been published in The Washington Post, The Guardian, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Kerrang, NPR, AV Club, NYMag, Vanity Fair, PDN, and more. In 2020, Skeiky self-published a photo book called Present Tense: DC Punk and DIY Right Now.

National Photo Month

This episode of The Truth In This Art is part of National Photo Month, which is celebrated every May by professional and amateur photographers alike, as well as selfie enthusiasts. During this month-long celebration, people dedicate themselves to learning about the rich history of photography, honing their skills and techniques, and researching which cameras to invest in.

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