Q+A with photographer Joe Cardamone

Q+A with photographer Joe Cardamone

On this episode of The Truth in This Art, host Rob Lee interviews Joe Cardamone, a talented photographer, actor, and founder of Twelvesteed Productions. Joe discusses how he discovered his passion for photography, and how he has continuously worked on improving his craft through workshops, collaborating with other photographers, and real-world experience. He shares how he finds each type of photography, whether it be concerts, portraits, or candid shots, extremely fulfilling and exciting.

Joe's creativity doesn't stop at photography. He's also an actor and writer, having won numerous awards for his work in competitions and film festivals. He founded Twelvesteed Productions to explore his love of filmmaking and has consulted on writing and acting for other production companies in the New York City and DMV area. Joe talks about how he balances his many passions with being a father of two young children and a veteran.

Throughout the episode, Joe provides insight into the creative process behind his photography and film projects, his experiences in the industry, and the challenges he has faced along the way. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to pursue multiple passions and the rewards that come with creative expression.
National Photo Month

This episode of The Truth In This Art is part of National Photo Month, which is celebrated every May by professional and amateur photographers alike, as well as selfie enthusiasts. During this month-long celebration, people dedicate themselves to learning about the rich history of photography, honing their skills and techniques, and researching which cameras to invest in.

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Rob Lee
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Joe Cardamone
Photographer // Actor // Army & Air Force veteran