Sarah Magida

Sarah Magida is a Life Coach, artist and Reiki Master and owner of Firefly Life Coaching.

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Sarah Magida is a practicing Life Coach, artist and Reiki Master. Under the name Firefly Life Coaching, Sarah works to serve artists and well, everyone!
Firefly Life Coaching offers life coaching services one-on-one, Reiki, and monthly workshop for artists and non-artists, carefully planned programs to electrify the lives of artists and general Life Coaching. FLC aims to heal expectations faced growing up as a “different” kind of thinker. Artists have their own unique way of interpreting the world and even if they don’t realize it on a conscious level they create art to facilitate their own healing and growth. 
Coming from a background immersed in the arts having attended an arts high school, arts college as well as exhibiting nationally, at art fairs and galleries and created public art projects. Sarah sees it as my purpose to work to heal the inner child of artists that have learned to neglect play in their work, investigate and bring light humor to the limiting beliefs that can take hold in an arts community and loosen the ties that bind a creative from stepping into their beautiful art career. 
Sarah feels artists are often neglecting an investment in themselves as individuals and lacking knowledge concerning self-care, healing blocks and deep inner workings of what it means to be an artist in this contemporary world. As a coach Sarah focuses on what thriving looks like to each individual she works with.  

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