Interview with Sultan Salahuddin (HBOMax's South Side)

Interview with Sultan Salahuddin (HBOMax's South Side)

In this episode of The Truth In This Art, Rob interviewed Sultan Salahuddin, co-creator of the HBOMax comedy South Side, and they discuss Chicago, writing for TV and much more.
Sultan A. Salahuddin II is from the South Side of Chicago where he attended the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. He played Jackie Robinson West baseball as a child along with buying now-and-laters from the candy lady. Sultan plays the character Simon James, the series lead, who finds interesting and unique ways to improve the quality of his life.

Sultan is passionate about exposing the beauty of Chicago. He is a member of the Los Angeles Writers Guild Association and Screen Actors Guild. He has performed as a stand up comedian throughout the midwest and a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade located in Los Angeles, CA.

About South Side

SOUTH SIDE follows two friends, Simon and Kareme, who just graduated from community college and are ready to take over the world. But until they do, they’re stuck working at Rent-T-Own. Shot on location in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, season two reintroduces the hilarious exploits of these adventure capitalists while authentically showcasing the vibrant city life and dynamic cast of characters of the titular neighborhood.

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