Interview with entrepreneur Chaka (Truth In This Art Beyond: Austin)

Interview with entrepreneur Chaka (Truth In This Art Beyond: Austin)

Chaka is a storyteller through visual art, film/video, music, fashion, and events.
Chaka is a storyteller through visual art, film/video (Uplifted), music (Riders Against the Storm), fashion (NefrFreshr), and events (Divine and Conjure Enterprises, Body Rock ATX).  He believes in the power of art, and the importance of the artist as a community catalyst for social and cultural change, economic development, healing, planning, and collective conversation.  Through life experience, Chaka has learned that the story we tell ourselves is one of the most significant determinants of:  how we feel, when we find our purpose, what we consider possible, where we end up, and why we end up there.


The Truth in this Art Beyond is a spin-off of The Truth In This Art. Where the original series focused primarily on Baltimore, this series extends outside of Charm City to engage in artistically and culturally conversation and sharing rich stories from our favorite cities. As always, creativity matters here!
The series is produced with the generous support from Raasin in the Sun , BlackArtMattersATX and Six Square. Raasin in the Sun, an Austin based Nonprofit organization who's work focuses on cultivating resilience through art and environmental initiatives. BlackArtMattersATX, amplifying Black voices in Austin's cultural conversation by financially supporting new work from Black Artists based in Austin.  Six Square work focuses on preserving and celebrating the historic legacy of the African American community that once thrived in Central East Austin.

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