In this episode of "The Truth In This Art," host Rob Lee sits down with Traci Mims, a talented artist from St. Petersburg, Florida now residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Traci's passion for art began at a young age, influenced by her father's talent in portrait drawing. Traci's work is focused on exploring themes of Black identity, especially as a Black woman in today's cultural and political climate. Her art often incorporates historical narratives and social realism, presented in the form of cultural allegory.

Throughout the episode, Traci shares her experiences as a formally trained artist with degrees from Florida A and M University and Tyler School of Art at Temple University. She discusses how art has been a powerful form of protest against injustices in the world, and a way for her to express her voice and make meaningful statements. Rob and Traci also explore the significance of representation and diversity in the art world, and the impact it can have on underrepresented communities.

Listeners will gain a unique perspective on the importance of art as a form of self-expression, social commentary, and activism, and the role it can play in promoting diversity and equity in society. Join Rob and Traci for an inspiring and thought-provoking conversation on "The Truth In This Art.

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Creators and Guests

Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
Traci Mims
Traci Mims
a native artist of St. Petersburg, Florida currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia

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