Q+A with musician Wordsmith

Q+A with musician Wordsmith

Wordsmith is a multi-talented artist from Baltimore, MD who has made a name for himself as a songwriter, recording artist, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts (Music & Theater Arts) from Salisbury University and went on to open his independent label NU Revolution Entertainment, which has flourished with the help of distribution and licensing deals. Wordsmith has released 8 albums, won the Independent Music Awards for Best Rap/Hip Album, and is a member of the Grammy Voting committee. He has collaborated with the US Department of State to perform and hold workshops in multiple countries, and is an Artistic Partner with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. In 2018, he wrote new narration for Carnival of the Animals with the BSO and hosted the 2018 BSO Gala. He has also opened his nonprofit “Rise with a Purpose, Inc.” and delivered a TED Talk via John Hopkins University. Wordsmith has collaborated with prominent acts in the Hip Hop industry and continues to push the boundaries of his career.

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