About The Truth In This Art Podcast

About The Truth In This Art Podcast

Who We Are

Welcome to The Truth In This Art, your ultimate destination for authentic, real Conversations with Artists. Hosted by Rob Lee, a visionary and cultural curator, this platform is committed to exploring the Creative Process and the Artistic Journey in an authentic and down-to-earth manner.

What We Do

We go beyond the confines of typical art history or contemporary art podcasts. At The Truth In This Art, we delve into In-Depth Artist Interviews, revealing untold stories and insights that resonate with the Artistic Community. We offer a fresh perspective on the global art scene, making it accessible to everyone.

The Experience

Our podcast features Authentic Conversations with Artists, designed to engage your intellect while touching your soul. We focus on genuine dialogues that range from Abstract Artists to genre-defining creators, embracing multiple Perspectives on Art and providing space for Opinions on Art that often go unheard.

Why Listen?

For those seeking more than just another art podcast, The Truth In This Art offers a Cultural Impact that sets it apart. We take pride in democratizing underrepresented voices, offering a platform for artists from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and their art. Whether you're interested in arts and entertainment or in exploratory Art and Culture Dialogues, our podcast offers an inclusive space for all.

Get Involved

Are you inspired to be part of our authentic Artistic Community? The Truth In This Art is always eager for community engagement and collaboration. Whether you're an aspiring Abstract Artist or an individual bursting with creative energy, we welcome you to join the Conversations with Artists that define our unique podcast.

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