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Tiffany Holmes, PhD of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Tiffany Holmes, PhD serves as the chief academic officer, responsible for all aspects of the development and delivery of educational programs, including curricula, faculty, facilities and budget, and ensuring and supporting the achievement and fulfillment of academic excellence across all disciplines of the College. Tiffany is on The Truth In This Art to tell us about The Art Of Racing.

Alvin Gray

Alvin Gray, a Baltimore native, has been a director, producer, in the DMV area for over 15 years. Known for his unique cinematography, Gray decide to part ways with CBS radio to explore his hunger for his own expression and creativity. In turn, he advanced his career as a producer and director for a considerable amount of films and music videos. From NFL to NBA players, Grammy Award to Emmy Award winning artists, Gray has produced visuals for them all. After a small hiatus Gray jumped right back in the Director seat, to begin production for suspense film Sweet Dreams.

Charlie Visconage

Charlie Visconage is an Washington DC based American self-taught artist.

Rob Lee

Rob Lee is a podcaster who has been creative his entire life – including painting, writing comics and poetry.

LaFontaine E. Oliver

LaFontaine E. Oliver is President and General Manager of WYPR in Baltimore and is Chair of the NPR Board.

Steve Anderson of Third Eye Comics

Steve Anderson, owner of Third Eye Comics. Steady diet of punk rock, monster movies, hip hop, and comic books made him what he is today.

Ros Paris and Michael Ridgaway of Mondo Baltimore

Rosalind Paris is a local comedian who cohosts Mondo Baltimore as Frau Ankenstein. An avid lover of bizarre pop culture, she’s been a part of the Mondo Committee for 3 years. Prior to Mondo, she was a founding member of Free Range Improv in Annapolis.

Angie Kelley of Moveable Feast

Angie Kelley, Baltimore city resident of 16 years and Community Engagement Manager of Moveable Feast.

Chef Shavonya Bracken & Ellen Levy of Groundwork Kitchen

Groundwork Kitchen, home of Paul’s Place’s culinary arts training program and restaurant located in Baltimore City’s Pigtown community

Emon Surakitkoson

Emon Surakitkoson was born in Thailand and emigrated to the United States when she was 19 years old. Emon was always interested in the arts but was discouraged from attending art school in her home country. When she arrived in the US, she worked in a variety of jobs in the food and beverage industry. In 2018, she started experimenting with painting and mixed media, and began selling her work shortly thereafter. Since then, she has developed the unique style of sculptural, black and white paintings for which she is known, and in 2020 she transitioned to working as a full time artist.

Yurri Mial

Yurri Mial is a design director for Under Armour. Yurri designs some of the most unique footwear for the brand.

Bettina Perry of Charmington Holistics

Bettina Perry is the owner of Charmington Holistics. Charmington Holistics is her multidisciplinary project aimed at sharing Bettina’s knowledge of holistic living and it’s benefits to our mind, body and soul as well as living in harmony with the Earth & her magic.

Anthony "Inkboy" Chestnut

Anthony 'Inkboy' Chestnut, has been a tattoo artist over 15 years. His studio, Free Ink, is located in downtown Baltimore.


Baltimega is a Baltimore-based producer known for unique style of lush harmonies over raw drums and creative samples is a sound that is exciting for the Club Music genre.

Michael Peace of M.A.P. Technologies

Michael Peace is the owner of MAP M.A.P. Technologies. M.A.P. Technologies is your one stop shop for all of your Gaming and Computer needs !

Zeke Cohen

Councilmember Zeke Cohen has represented the First District on the Baltimore City Council since 2016.

Kevin Coehlo of Beyond Video

Kevin Coelho is a life-long lover of film and one of the three founding members of the Beyond Video.

Dom Griffin

Dominic Griffin is a pop culture polymath who lives on the internet. He is the host and producer of The Armchair Auteur, a YouTube series of film criticism and video essays. He writes about film, music, television, comics, and professional wrestling at any publication that will support his unhealthy obsessions with Hiroshi Tanahashi, Michael Mann and the X-Men. You can find him on Twitter and Letterboxd probably talking about Carly Rae Jepsen or maybe Mamet.”

Aishah Alfadhalah of Mera Kitchen Collective

Aishah Alfadhalah is Co-founder of community-driven, food-based cooperative focused on empowerment of refugee and immigrant women, Mera Kitchen Collective.

Ethan McLeod

Ethan McLeod is a freelance reporter in Baltimore and a graduate student studying city and regional planning at Morgan State University. He previously served as an editor for the Baltimore Business Journal and the daily news website Baltimore Fishbowl. Most recently, he has written for Bloomberg's CityLab, Next City, Baltimore magazine and The Outlaw Report.

John Tyler

John Tyler is a 21-year-old artist, Founder of Love Groove Music Festival, and film scorer for Under Armour, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Visit Baltimore, and Maryland Public Television.

Robbin Lee

Robbin Lee is the Executive Director of Baltimore Homecoming, Inc.

Terrance Diggs

Terrance Diggs is a Baltimore-area-based designer, entrepreneur, and all-around creative. He is most notably making his mark as Creative Director of the streetwear and lifestyle brand, D17. Since 2016, Terrance has applied his Digital Arts degree from Towson University and imaginative marketing skills to a diverse portfolio of Maryland creatives and brands; as well as working for ASICS on global social media campaigns.

Chef Amy von Lange of Schola

Amy von Lange is Chef/Co-Owner Schola, a small cooking school located in Historic Mt. Vernon. Chef Amy von Lange of Schola. Schola is a result of Chefs Amy von Lange and Jerry Pellegrino's passion for not only cooking but for sharing their kitchen with others and teaching their craft in the process. With more than 25 years of experience between them, the classes they teach at Schola are hands-on, informative, intimate, and fun.

Bryan Burkert

Bryan Burkert is an entrepreneur and owner of many Baltimore small businesses including The Sound Garden, The Get Down and Sir Duke.

Chef Tyler Johnson & Jason Wilcox (JBGB)

Chef Tyler Johnson is the executive chef at John Brown General and Butchery and partner Jason Wilcox Head Butcher/Manager at John Brown General and Butchery.

Elisa Milan

Elisa Milan is the owner and head chef of The Empanada Lady makes authentic Puerto Rican cuisine including hand-rolled Empanadas and Coquito, traditional Puerto Rican Egg Nog, which has an important connection to her roots. The Empanada Lady is currently catering at non-profit arts hub, gallery, and performance space Motor House.

Chef Sean Guy of Water For Chocolate

Chef Sean Guy, formerly of The World Wrestling Federation Restaurant, NY and The Hard Rock Cafe, MD founded Water for Chocolate Catering in May 2006.

Michael Bruley

Michael Bruley of Chestertown Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay is a a Baltimore based visual artist.

Aaron Jones of Bushelers of Baltimore

Aaron Jones is a master tailor and owner of hometown haberdashery, Bushelers of Baltimore. A Bushelman or Busheler alters and repairs garments. They take the tradition of tailoring clothes and offer a contemporary experience. Old school skills are used to give you a new school look, providing high-quality service in a modern, casual environment.

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