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Olethia Padilla

Olethia Padilla is a Maryland based model.

Jae Jin

Jae Jin is an independent global recording artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor (SAG-AFTRA), & storyteller.

Darin Atwater

Darin Atwater is a gifted composer, conductor, pianist and producer who has worked in film, recording, radio and television.

Philip Muriel

Philip is an artist and photographer born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He’s been practicing photography since he first picked up a Polaroid when he was nine year...

Micah E. Wood & Christopher Chester

Christopher Chester is a multidisciplinary designer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. He studied graphic design at The ...

DJ Impulse

Baltimore native DJ Impulse has been moving crowds around the world for over 20 years. His ability to read a room and act accordingly by knowing just what to play and ...

Cissa Paz

Cissa Paz is a Brazilian singer-song writer. The diversity of her cultural experience merges with her fearless taste for new combinations, as she creates and rearrange...

Adam Stab

Adam Stab is Baltimore’s longest-active graffiti writer. He has been both participant and formative to the culture of Style Writing since 1984. Since the mid-eighties ...


YTK is an versatile artist from Baltimore, MD. YTK is a self taught producer, writer, poet, rapper and pianist.

Angela Wheeler

Angela Wheeler’s family roots are embedded in Baltimore City – and, therefore, America’s story of Black excellence in law, politics, art, and education. She belongs to...

Annalisa Dias of Baltimore Center Stage

Annalisa Dias is the Director of Artistic Partnerships and Innovation for Baltimore Center Stage, a playwright. director. performer. community organizer.

Josie Marcellino

Josie Marcellino is a Comedian. Filmmaker. Cosplayer. Nickelback Fan.

Meron Engida

Painter Meron Engida creates vibrant tableaus that act as a vehicle for exploring the artist’s personal experiences and Ethiopian cultural identity.

Paige Hernandez

Paige Hernandez is a multidisciplinary artist who is critically acclaimed as a performer, director, choreographer and playwright.

Amber Robles-Gordon

Amber Robles-Gordon is an American mixed media visual artist. She resides in Washington, DC and predominantly works with found objects and textiles to create assemblag...

Sarah Sullivan of Mobtown Ballroom

Sarah Sullivan is a small business owner and community builder. She has spent most of the past decade running the Mobtown Ballroom in Pigtown, an arts and entertainmen...

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann merges traditional Chinese and Japanese ink painting techniques with approach rooted in Western abstractionism.

Jenny Wu

Jenny Wu was born in Nanjing, China. Jenny Wu's sculptural paintings transform liquid paint into sculpture, a process derived from making oil on canvas paintings and d...

Michael Andrew Booker

Michael Booker is a mixed media artist originally from Jackson, Mississippi who currently resides in Maryland. He received his BFA in Studio Art – Painting from Missis...

Morton Fire Art

ABOUT MORTON FINE ART Celebrating 12 years of placing exceptional contemporary art in global private and public collections. Founded in 2010 in Washington, DC by c...

Tarrin Morgan II

Tarrin Morgan II is a man of many talents and possess wisdom beyond his years. He is a tried and true student affairs professional that has been working in the higher...

Tim McFarlane

Tim McFarlane is a painter based in Philadelphia, PA. His paintings and works on paper examine the fluid and contradictory nature of memory and place, with an emphasis...

Todd Radom

Todd Radom is a designer, sports branding expert, and writer. His work includes the official logos for Super Bowl XXXVIII, the 2009 NBA All-Star Game, the 2014, 2016, ...

Lane Harlan

Lane Harlan, entrepreneur, restaurantuer and writer.

Keyia Yalcin

Keyia Yalcin is the founder and owner of The Yalcin Group and Fishnet Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sandra L. Gibson

Sandra L. Gibson oversees all MdFF activities including the Maryland Film Festival and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parkway. Sandra is the former President and C...

Chef Erik “Egg” Berlin

Chef Erik “Egg” Berlin is a professionally trained chef, culinary instructor and host of Chef Egg Live: Interactive Cooking Events.

Chef Scott Bacon

Chef Scott Bacon, a contemporary and classically trained chef, unites culture, tradition and sophistication to create dishes full of character.

Davon Pulliam of Tortuga Kombucha

Davon Pulliam, owner and founder of Tortuga Kombucha.

Chef Sedrick Crawley

Chef Sedrick Crawley, Culinary Director of Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center.

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