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Lane Harlan

Lane Harlan, entrepreneur, restaurantuer and writer.

Keyia Yalcin

Keyia Yalcin is the founder and owner of The Yalcin Group and Fishnet Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sandra L. Gibson

Sandra L. Gibson oversees all MdFF activities including the Maryland Film Festival and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parkway. Sandra is the former President and C...

Chef Erik “Egg” Berlin

Chef Erik “Egg” Berlin is a professionally trained chef, culinary instructor and host of Chef Egg Live: Interactive Cooking Events.

Chef Scott Bacon

Chef Scott Bacon, a contemporary and classically trained chef, unites culture, tradition and sophistication to create dishes full of character.

Davon Pulliam of Tortuga Kombucha

Davon Pulliam, owner and founder of Tortuga Kombucha.

Chef Sedrick Crawley

Chef Sedrick Crawley, Culinary Director of Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center.

Shaun Stewart

Shaun Stewart work as the bar manager, cocktail specialist and craft cocktail extraordinaire at JBGBs.

Sid Sharma

Sid Sharma is the co-founder of Mobtown Fermentation, a Baltimore-based business and makers of Wild Bay Kombucha and Icaro Yerba Maté.

Ayeshah Julia Abuelhiga

Ayeshah Julia Abuelhiga is the founder and CEO of Baltimore-based Mason Dixie Foods, maker of clean-label, preservative-free, frozen scratch-made biscuits, scones and ...

Enrique Pallares of The Wine Collective

Enrique Pallares is a former polo player, writer, entrepreneur and master of all things vermouth. Enrique is a co-founder of The Wine Collective.

Mike Boggs of Cheezy Mike's Food Emporium

Josey Schwartz

Josey Schwartz is co-owner, brewer, and doer of many things at Suspended Brewing Company, an ecologically and socially focused company endeavoring to make the world a...

Henry Hyde

Henry Hyde is the owner of Hyde Handmade Knives.

Kirk Francis of Captain Cookie

Kirk Francis founded Captain Cookie and the Milkman, an super-hero themed East Coast cookies & ice cream shop that started with one food truck in DC.

John Minadakis

John Minadakis is the co-owner of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, an iconic Maryland landmark which has served the community for nearly 50 years. Recently, he started The Famo...

MC Bravado

MC Bravado, is an American rapper, songwriter, and educator from White Plains, New York.

Chris Franzoni

Chris Franzoni started @EatmoreBaltimore in March 2015 with a desire to highlight, through social media, the rapidly growing food and restaurant scene in Baltimore and...

L. Drew Pumphrey of The Smoking Swine

The Smoking Swine started as an idea for a food truck and has grown into so much more. The name "The Smoking Swine" has transcended the truck and has attached itself t...

Richard Gorelick

Richard Gorelick is a former food journalist for City Paper and The Baltimore Sun and facilities manager for Baltimore Improv Group (BIG Theatre).

Chef Zack Mills

A native of Davidsonville, Maryland, Zack Mills graduated from The French Culinary Institute in 2007. Immediately following graduation, Mills began working in various...

Brian McLaughlin

Brian McLaughlin is President of Enterprise Community Development, Inc (ECD) and President of Enterprise Community Partners’ Community Development Division. Brian is c...

Ernst Valery

Ernst Valery is a managing partner of SAA | EVI Development

Brad Rogers

Brad Rogers, executive director of South Baltimore Gateway Partnership.

Thibault Manekin

Thibault Manekin is a speaker, educator, entrepreneur, community organizer, and cofounder of Seawall.

Kira Wisniewski

Kira Wisniewski is the Executive Director of Art+Feminism. She has a can-do attitude and passion for community, capacity building, and the arts with expertise in non-p...

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown was raised between Washington, D.C. and Compton, CA. She developed a deep love for film photography and darkroom printing at a young age, and by the time sh...

Ann Shafer

Ann Shafer is an independent curator, art historian, writer, and a leading expert on intaglio printmaking by Stanley William Hayter and Atelier 17.

Emma Childs

American painter Emma Childs was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, where she lives and works today. Childs graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art (...

Jordann Wine

Inspired by sacred geometry, Jordann Wine draws on classical forms and patterns in her work to reference mathematical concepts that reflect the wonders of the universe...

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