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Art and Emotion: Ayiana Viviana Porter's Creative Exploration

Art and Emotion: Ayiana Viviana Porter's Creative Exploration

Ready to explore? Tune in to 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, hosted by host Rob Lee and accompanied by today's guest Ayiana Viviana Porter, an emerging abstract artist in Philadelphia, who delves into the intricate landscapes of thought, emotion, and humanity through her compelling artworks. With a foundation of free-form lines that interweave, Ayiana's creations delve deep into the psyche, offering a window into personal narratives. Her acrylic-based paintings and drawings on canvas and acrylic paper invite observers to explore their own buried thoughts and emotions. Ayiana's quest is to find meaning amid life's chaos, infusing her work with personal significance and inviting viewers to do the same. As a proud Latina and mother, she embraces creative expression as an integral part of her identity, beautifully marrying her passion for art with the complexities of human experience.

Within this segment, we dig into:

  • A conversation with Ayiana Viviana about her use of abstract art as a means to delve into the complexities of emotion, inviting listeners to explore the evocative power of visual expression.
  • Ayiana's artistic process as she describes how starting with free-form lines allows her to weave intricate narratives and transform shapes into compelling stories, providing insights into the creative journey.
  • Ayiana's perspective on the transformative potential of art, discussing how her work serves as a conduit for viewers to connect with their own feelings and gain deeper self-awareness through the act of contemplation.

Ayiana shares her journey as an artist, from her earliest memories of creating art to her recent exploration of painting. Ayiana discusses her process, which involves starting with lines and allowing her brain to create shapes and forms. She then creates a story around each piece based on what she sees. Ayiana believes that art can help viewers tap into their own emotions and understand themselves more clearly.

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Rob Lee
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Ayiana Viviana
Ayiana Viviana
a Philly-based emerging abstract artist whose works explore thoughts, emotion, & humanity through acrylic paintings & drawings.