Art, Identity & Creativity: Ariel Cavalcante Foster's Multicultural Journey

Ariel Cavalcante Foster is a Brazilian-American artist, consultant, and edge worker based in Baltimore and DC. Her practice includes printmaking, installation, painting, sound, video, and performance. She is also an inclusion strategist, consultant, and facilitator, and has recently received training in holistic healing practices.

Ariel discusses her background and early experiences that shaped her creative practice. She talks about her multicultural upbringing and the impact it had on her perspective and artistic expression. Ariel also shares her journey of self-discovery and exploration of identity, particularly in relation to whiteness and white supremacy. She discuss the themes and questions that drive her creative process, including the exploration of symbols, culture, nature, and spirituality. Ariel emphasizes the importance of spontaneity, curiosity, and embodiment in her work. She also touches on the conditions and attitudes that support creativity and innovative thinking. Ariel shares her favorite colors and her symbolic meanings, as well as her dream job of being a global representative and inspirational speaker. She concludes by discussing her upcoming projects, including the Embodied Arts Project and the Pleasure Club, and invites listeners to follow her on social media for updates.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Ariel's rich multicultural upbringing, discussing how growing up in a diverse community has significantly shaped her unique artistic perspective.
  • The intricate world of symbols, culture, nature, and spirituality in Ariel's work, uncovering how she skillfully captures the intangible and conceptual aspects of these themes.
  • Creativity's core elements – spontaneity, curiosity, and embodiment – and delve into how these dynamics drive Ariel's artistic process.
  • The connection between relaxation, playfulness, and creativity, as we discuss how Ariel harnesses these qualities to encourage the free flow of creative energy.
  • The diverse sources of inspiration that fuel Ariel's art, from the realms of research and movement to the magic of collaboration, all while recognizing the healing and sacred dimensions of her creative expression.

Join me in this enlightening conversation with Ariel Cavalcante Foster, as we explore her journey as an artist and cultural worker. Discover the role of symbols in her work and how she channel her energy into creating meaningful art. Listen now!

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
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Ariel Cavalcante Foster
Ariel Cavalcante Foster
the founding facilitator of F.I.E.L.D. (to foster freedom), a platform for radical transformation that centers building anti-oppression practices and holistic decolonization
Art, Identity & Creativity: Ariel Cavalcante Foster's Multicultural Journey
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