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Baltimore Homecoming: Matthew Reeds on Building Bridges

Baltimore Homecoming: Matthew Reeds on Building Bridges

Today we engage in a meaningful conversation with Matthew Reeds, the Deputy Director of Baltimore Homecoming—an organization mobilizing accomplished Baltimoreans worldwide to spark new collaborations and investments in Baltimore's future.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Matthew's background and commitment to philanthropy and doing good in Baltimore, driven by his pride as a lifetime Baltimorean and alumnus of Morgan State University and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.
  • An overview of Baltimore Homecoming, its significance for the city, and Matthew's main focus and responsibilities as Deputy Director.
  • The impact of Baltimore Homecoming on the community, with specific examples showcasing positive outcomes and changes witnessed.
  • Insights into the Crab Tank Pitch Competition and the Homecoming Hero Awards program, and their contributions to Baltimore Homecoming's overarching goals.

Discover the opportunities to support the Homecoming Hero Awards through public voting, the benefits for winners, and how local organizations and institutions engage with Baltimore Homecoming. Don't miss the discussion on Baltimore Homecoming's annual signature event, Activate 2023, and how you can be part of empowering Baltimore's vibrant future.

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