Chris Guido on Film Editing: Storytelling, Indie Cinema, Documentaries

Chris Guido is a freelance video editor with over 15 years of experience in the film industry. He has worked on a variety of projects, including promos for well-known networks like Paramount Plus and Disney. Chris has also edited feature-length documentaries, showcasing his passion for storytelling and love for cinema. With his versatile skills and dedication to his craft, Chris has made a significant impact in the world of film editing.

Chris shares his early experiences and fascination with indie cinema, which led him to pursue a career in film editing. He discusses his work on promos for major networks and the creative strategies he utilizes to align with the client's vision. Chris also highlights his contributions to documentary filmmaking, including his work on the films "Great White Intersection" and "Reaching West Dreams of China's New Generation." He emphasizes the importance of giving a voice to people through documentary storytelling. Throughout the conversation, Chris provides valuable insights into the world of film editing and the collaborative nature of the industry.

In this episode, dive into:

  • How Chris Guido's passion for storytelling and cinema has shaped his thriving career in film editing.
  • Explore Chris's approach as a video editor, focusing on serving the footage while aligning with the client's vision through adaptable styles.
  • Uncover the art of creating promos that strike a balance between engaging the audience with information and leaving them curious for more.
  • Discover how Chris finds fulfillment in documentary filmmaking, providing voices to individuals and exploring diverse perspectives.
  • Examine the crucial traits of patience, open-mindedness, and flexibility that aspiring film editors need to succeed in the industry.

πŸŽ₯ Join us as we chat with Chris Guido about his career in film editing. Discover the secrets behind crafting captivating stories and the challenges of working in the industry. Tune in now!

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Christopher J. Guido
Christopher J. Guido
Freelance video editor/producer| Across more than two decades as an editor -- from PokΓ©mon to streaming services -- I’ve cut hundreds of hours of broadcast television, numerous network promos, and collaborated on documentaries for national public television and independent producers. Whether crafting a launch campaign or a passion project, I ensure collaborators maximize the potential of their footage to engage audiences with strong, clear, memorable work. I'm equally as professional as I am versatile. I constantly seek challenging work shaping meaningful projects with dedicated artists, whether in the documentary or shortform fields.
Chris Guido on Film Editing: Storytelling, Indie Cinema, Documentaries
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