Crafting Sweet Success: BG Purcell's Mouth Party Caramel Journey

Welcome to a captivating episode of "The Truth in This Art"! Join host Rob Lee as he engages in a meaningful conversation with BG Purcell, founder of Mouth Party, LLC. founded in 2007. She shared her four-generation-old family caramel recipe at a young age. The company started with the intention of donating a portion of the profits to cancer research, inspired by BG's own battle with Lymphoma. Today, Mouth Party Caramels are sold in various retail locations across the US and have established partnerships with boutique hotels, spas, and B&B's, providing guests with delightful treats. The company also extends its dedication to giving back to the community, both locally and globally, while striving to maintain high standards and memorable experiences for its customers.

Today's episode uncovers:

  • The fascinating rise of Mouth Party Caramel, from a family business to a thriving brand with diverse flavors.
  • Uncover Mouth Party Caramel's success secret: staying true to the original recipe and high-quality ingredients.
  • Learn how COVID-19 reshaped Mouth Party Caramel, emphasizing online sales and corporate gifting.
  • Discover the hidden cultural gems of Baltimore, with a supportive local business community.
  • Join BG Purcell to explore favorite confections, like black licorice, and her openness to candy collaborations.

Join us for an engaging conversation as BG Purcell shares her journey of starting a small family business and the challenges she has faced. She discusses the company's growth, the importance of staying true to the original recipe, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business. BG also talks about the supportive community in Baltimore and the misconceptions about the city. She shares her favorite confections and hints at future collaborations and product expansions.

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BG Purcell
Founder of Mouth Party, LLC. founded in 2007.
Crafting Sweet Success: BG Purcell's Mouth Party Caramel Journey
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