Creative Convergence: Exploring Wearable Art in a Post-Apocalyptic Realm with Adam Droneburg

Step right into 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, guided by your host, Rob Lee. In today’s conversation, I talk with Adam Droneburg, a recent IMDA program graduate from UMBC, is celebrated for his wearable art portraying a post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Raised on a Maryland farm, his penchant for crafting from found objects led to distinctive creations. With roots in audio and American Studies, Adam's serendipitous journey into art unfolded during UMBC's graduate program. His farm-born resourcefulness complements his mixed-media artistry, culminating in exceptional post-apocalyptic costume designs blending leatherworking, metalworking, and sewing. Notably, his thesis exhibition 'Post US' was featured in the Peale Museum's 'Spark: New Light' exhibition. Presently, Adam thrives as the Programs and Exhibition Manager at the Peale Museum.

In this episode, we uncover:

  • How Adam's rural upbringing and hands-on skills from the farm shaped his unique approach to crafting wearable art.
  • The intriguing sources of Adam's materials, ranging from military surplus stores to personal contributions, and the stories they bring.
  • Adam's design methodology: commencing with a central piece, he constructs costumes in harmony with the wearer's identity and role.
  • Examine how Adam's intentional use of straightforward tools preserves a crafted look while accentuating functionality in his innovative designs.
  • Uncover the depths of Adam's artistic passion, unraveling how his dedication and immersion in the creative process fuel his remarkable creations.

Adam discusses his unique wearable art with a post-apocalyptic influence. Growing up on a farm, Adam developed a knack for cobbling things together and making them work. He initially pursued a degree in social studies but found his passion in American Studies and audio recording. During his graduate program, he stumbled into the world of art and began creating costumes using found objects. Adam explains his process of sourcing materials, designing the costumes, and incorporating functionality into his pieces. He also discusses the challenges of calling his work "art" and the significance of mistakes in his creative process.

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Adam Droneburg

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
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Adam Droneburg
Adam Droneburg
a Baltimore based artist who creates wearable art
Creative Convergence: Exploring Wearable Art in a Post-Apocalyptic Realm with Adam Droneburg
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