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Cultural Catalyst: Jan Ramsey's Artful Impact on Music & Community

Cultural Catalyst: Jan Ramsey's Artful Impact on Music & Community

Your adventure begins with 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, presented by your host, Rob Lee. Today we have Jan Ramsey, the founder of Offbeat Magazine, as she engages in a captivating dialogue with host Rob Lee on The Truth In This Art Beyond: New Orleans. Discover Jan's enduring passion for New Orleans' unrivaled musical and cultural identity, meticulously cultivated over decades. Offbeat Magazine, a beacon of the city's music scene, thrives under Jan's leadership, fostering genuine representation and business success. Tune in to explore Jan's mission of instilling a deep appreciation for New Orleans' distinct culture, her vision for a music museum, and the influential role Offbeat plays in promoting and preserving the city's artistic essence.

About Offbeat Magazine

is a New Orleans, Louisiana monthly local music magazine founded by Jan V. Ramsey in 1987. The magazine, published by OffBeat, Inc., focuses on the popular music of New Orleans and Louisiana, which is generally R&B, blues, jazz, rock, hip-hop, funk, and many other traditional styles of music popular in Louisiana. OffBeat was the first magazine in New Orleans to resume publishing after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, despite losing all its staff and its printer.

publishes several music festival-oriented issues, including the "French Quarter Festival Souvenir Guide" in early April, and the "Jazz Fest Bible," a special Jazz Fest issue. These issues contain schedules of local music festivals, detailed information on performers and club listings, and interviews with local musicians. The magazine hosts a local music awards series, "The Best of the Beat Awards", to highlight local music and musicians, and also runs the "Louisiana Music Directory," containing listings of bands, musicians, record labels, and clubs in the state.
The magazine's website was the first magazine website online in the state of Louisiana.

OffBeat is featured in the HBO series Treme. Its editorial resulted in the creation of characters (such as "DJ Davis McAlary", in reality local musician/DJ/writer Davis Rogan), and storylines in the series.

Within this chat, we shed light on:

  • How Jan Ramsey's passion for music and artistic roots led to the birth of Offbeat magazine, a vibrant platform spotlighting New Orleans' music scene.
  • The mission of Offbeat magazine - not just guiding music enthusiasts to local tunes but also fueling the city's music economy.
  • Jan Ramsey's proactive contributions to the music industry, including advocating for education and creating a vital resource hub for musicians.
  • The unique musical landscape of New Orleans and the imperative for greater recognition and backing for emerging artists and genres like hip-hop and bounce.
  • Jan Ramsey's impactful Mojo Mouth column within Offbeat magazine, addressing pertinent music industry challenges and presenting actionable suggestions for advancement.

Jan discusses her passion for music and the cultural scene in New Orleans. She shares her journey of starting the magazine and her efforts to promote and develop the local music industry. Jan also highlights the challenges faced by musicians and the importance of supporting and appreciating their creative output.

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