Delicious Discoveries with Arli's Appetite: Unveiling Baltimore's Food Scene and Cocktail Favorites

Welcome to a delectable episode of "The Truth in This Art"! I'm your host, Rob Lee, and today, we're diving deep into the world of food with Editor-in-chief of Arli's Appetite and public relations guru Arli Lima. Arli’s Appetite is a food, drink, and lifestyle blog created by a former bartender and food enthusiast.  Arli’s Appetite firmly believes that food is natural nourishment for your body and cocktails are an added bonus to enhance a good time. This site features, restaurant reviews, cocktail recipes, fashion posts, event recaps, and a bevy of other things related to happy eating and happier drinking.

In this episode, we explore:

  • How social media plays a vital role in restaurants' growth and their ability to attract customers. We'll dive into why Instagram holds particular importance for these establishments, allowing them to share captivating photos and actively engage with their followers.
  • Arli's distinct reviewing style when it comes to restaurants. Rather than dwelling on negative experiences, she prefers to highlight the positives of her dining adventures. Discover how this approach might influence readers' perceptions and impact the reputations of the restaurants she reviews.
  • Join us in discovering the delectable world of cookies as we explore Arli's top three favorites: chocolate chip with walnuts, double chocolate, and kitchen sink cookies. Prepare for an exploration of the flavors and textures that make these cookies stand out among the rest.
  • The art of creating the best Old Fashioned cocktails. Expect to learn about the crucial role of a slow-melting, solid ice cube and why Arli favors bourbon over whiskey or rye. Additionally, we'll explore how the choice of glass and environment can impact the overall drinking experience.

Join us for an appetizing episode with Arli Lima, the editor-in-chief of Arli's Appetite, she discusses her journey as a food blogger and influencer. Arli shares how her love for food and her background in the restaurant industry led her to start her blog in 2014. She talks about the importance of social media for restaurants and the role it plays in her work as a food influencer. Arli also shares her favorite cookies and her preference for sweet over savory. She discusses the best and worst parts of reviewing restaurants, including the challenge of being disappointed by the food and the sometimes awkward situation of paying for a meal that was supposed to be comped. The episode concludes with a discussion about the key elements of a good Old Fashioned cocktail, including the type of ice and the choice of bourbon.

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Delicious Discoveries with Arli's Appetite: Unveiling Baltimore's Food Scene and Cocktail Favorites
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