Discovering Creativity: A Conversation with Liza Donnelly, Award-Winning Cartoonist

Discovering Creativity: A Conversation with Liza Donnelly, Award-Winning Cartoonist

Liza Donnelly is an award-winning cartoonist and writer for The New Yorker magazine. She is also a contributor to The New York Times, Washington Post, Medium, CNN, and CBS News. Donnelly has authored more than a dozen books for adults and children.

Liza shares her journey from being a shy little girl who loved drawing to becoming a successful cartoonist for The New Yorker. She discusses her daily routine, which involves submitting cartoons to The New Yorker every week and working on various projects in the afternoon. Donnelly also talks about the mixture of analog and digital tools she uses in her work, as well as her experience with digital live journalism. She highlights the importance of connecting with people through her drawings and the joy it brings to others. Donnelly also touches on her books, including "Very Funny Ladies," which explores the history of women cartoonists at The New Yorker. She concludes by discussing her upcoming film project on women cartoonists.

In this episode, we uncover:

  • The fascinating world of cartoonist Liza Donnelly as we delve into her daily routine, which involves weekly cartoon submissions to The New Yorker and afternoon projects that fuel her creativity.
  • Liza Donnelly's unique approach to her craft, blending analog and digital tools to create captivating cartoons. Discover how she seamlessly transitions between sketching on her iPad and producing intricate paper drawings.
  • The captivating realm of digital live journalism with Liza Donnelly. We unravel how her live-drawing of events, shared through tweets, not only garners widespread acclaim but also offers viewers an unprecedented visual narrative.
  • How Liza Donnelly uses her cartoons to unearth shared human experiences, fostering connections across boundaries. Join us as we discuss her quest to find common ground and create resonant visual stories.
  • Join our podcast as we embark on a journey through Liza Donnelly's book, "Very Funny Ladies." In it, we uncover the rich history of women cartoonists at The New Yorker, while also spotlighting her efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity among the magazine's cartooning community.


Join me in listening to the incredible Liza Donnelly as she discusses her journey as an award-winning cartoonist and writer. Her insights on creativity and storytelling are truly inspiring. Check out The Truth in This Art podcast!

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