Empowering Media Diversity: Crystal Berger's Journey in Innovation and Impact

Crystal Berger is a lifestyle expert, author, media personality, and media tech entrepreneur. She is the founder of Ebo Ebo and has a background in journalism, having worked as a national features host on Sirius XM and Fox 24/7.

Crystal discusses the challenges she faced and how her background in journalism has supported her current endeavors. Crystal also talks about the inspiration behind starting Ebo Ebo, a platform that automates the process of booking guests for podcasts and news features. She emphasizes the importance of staying up to date with industry trends and shares her approach to networking and building connections in the Baltimore tech community.

In this broadcast, we dive deep into:

  • Crystal Berger's transition from journalism to innovation, uncovering her motivation to revolutionize guest booking for podcasts and news, and how it led to her pioneering journey.
  • Crystal's narrative as we delve into how her journalism background proved invaluable in overcoming the hurdles of coding and enterprise development, shaping her path in unexpected ways.
  • Crystal's unique approach to funding, where the episode explores her philosophy of establishing undeniable value through sales and a robust product before seeking external investment.
  • Crystal's world as we investigate her strategies for staying current in the ever-evolving tech landscape, including behavioral observation, newsletter engagement, and insightful conversations.
  • Crystal's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, as we analyze the importance of data research, recognizing one's worth, and carving out opportunities within the dynamic tech community.

Join me in listening to Crystal Berger's incredible journey from journalist to media tech entrepreneur on The Truth in This Art podcast. Her insights and experiences are truly inspiring!

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Rob Lee
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Crystal I. Berger
Crystal I. Berger
Crystal I. Berger, Media Tech Entrepreneur | Founder of EBO.™ | Serving A Global Community of Vetted Experts | Journalist Turned Innovator
Empowering Media Diversity: Crystal Berger's Journey in Innovation and Impact
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