Empowering Women Artists and Multipassionate success with Michelle I. Gomez

Today our guest is Michelle Gomez, a life and business coach for women artists. She is a multi-passionate artist herself, with a background in art, writing, and teaching. Michelle is dedicated to helping women artists become entrepreneurs without sacrificing their mental health. She is also the founder of the Mental Wealth Network, a membership program that focuses on supporting neurodivergent women artists.

In this episode, host Rob Lee interviews Michelle Gomez, a life and business coach for women artists. They discuss the challenges that artists face after graduating from art school, including the lack of business skills and the mental health crisis among artists. Michelle shares her own journey as an artist and entrepreneur, and how she started her coaching business to help other artists succeed. She emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in running a successful art business. Michelle also introduces her programs, including the Artist to Entrepreneur coaching program and the Mental Wealth Network membership.

Within this segment, we dig into:

  • The crucial role of business skills and emotional intelligence in an artist's journey toward entrepreneurship. Delve into the strategies, stories, and insights from artists who've successfully merged their creative prowess with astute business acumen, revealing the art behind the artistry.
  • The pressing issue of mental health within the artist community. Explore how coaching and support networks have become pivotal tools in addressing the challenges artists face. Tune in to hear stories of resilience, strategies for self-care, and expert insights on nurturing mental well-being.
  • The secrets to thriving as an artist by building a supportive community and fostering meaningful relationships. In this episode, we explore the transformative impact of shared experiences, collaborative spaces, and the bonds that artists forge. Join us as we dive into the stories of artists who've found strength and growth through community.
  • Tune in as we challenge the notion of worth and success tied to social media metrics. We explore the deeper dimensions of an artist's journey, where authenticity, impact, and personal fulfillment take center stage. Learn from artists who've redefined their paths, and discover how to measure success on your terms.
  • Harnessing the power of multi-passionism in the world of entrepreneurship. Explore how artists can leverage their diverse interests to create thriving businesses that resonate with their authentic selves. Through stories and strategies, we uncover the art of balancing and embracing one's many passions.

Learn how to turn your passion for art into a thriving business with these valuable insights from Michelle Gomez on the podcast!

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
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Michelle Gomez
Michelle Gomez
founder of the Mental Wealth Network
Empowering Women Artists and Multipassionate success with Michelle I. Gomez
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