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Exploring Art, Community, and Change with April Danielle Lewis: Labor, Race, and OpenWorks Insights S6E24

Exploring Art, Community, and Change with April Danielle Lewis: Labor, Race, and OpenWorks Insights

· 35:00

Ready to explore? Tune in to 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, hosted by host Rob Lee and accompanied by today's guest April Danielle Lewis. She is a multifaceted artist, visionary, and dedicated community builder. Through her captivating artwork, April delves into the intricate intersections of history, place, and identity, all viewed through the lens of social justice and community cohesion. As the Director of Community and Culture at Open Works, a prominent non-profit makerspace in Baltimore, April channels her passion for equitable community development and empowerment, ensuring tools, technology, and knowledge are accessible to all. Raised in various countries due to her father's military service, April's global perspective enriches her artistic endeavors, and her artistic journey is grounded in a degree in art from Towson University. Her creations often explore themes of labor and race, inviting viewers to engage with powerful narratives woven into space and materials.

In the course of this episode, we explore:

  • The transformative power of art, exploring how it serves as a gateway to new perspectives and the essential vulnerability needed for meaningful change.
  • The profound themes woven into April's artistry, as she shares how her identity as a black woman and mother infuses her work with themes of labor and race, sparking insightful discussions on social dynamics and personal experiences.
  • The thought-provoking project that captured hearts and minds – the White Guilt Confessional. Tune in to explore the concept of releasing guilt to pave the way for progress, as April reflects on the emotional journey of absolution and personal growth.
  • The dynamic world of OpenWorks, where artistry and community converge. Uncover how this nonprofit maker space provides professional tools and a vibrant communal hub, fostering artistic innovation and collaborative engagement.

Don't miss this impactful conversation with April as she discusses her background and how she got into art making. Growing up in various countries overseas, April was exposed to art at a young age through her grandmother's hat shop. She would spend time in the shop creating her own art and developed a love for exploring space and materials. April also talks about her experience working with her daughter and the importance of community in her artwork.

Mentioned in this episode:

photo credit Piper Watson

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
April Danielle Lewis
April Danielle Lewis
April Danielle Lewis is a multifaceted artist, visionary, and dedicated community builder.


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