Exploring the Vibrant Artistry of Roxanne Sauriol Hauenherm

Engage in a captivating conversation with Roxanne Sauriol Hauenherm, a self-taught painter whose works are collected and exhibited internationally. Together, they explore the vibrant world of Roxanne's artistry and gain insightful perspectives into her creative journey.

During their conversation, Jessa and Rob touch upon several intriguing topics, including:

  • Roxanne's contemporary interpretations of classic paintings, which offer a fresh perspective on timeless masterpieces and capture the essence of humanity through vivid brushstrokes.
  • The themes that Roxanne explores in her captivating art and her unique approach that centers around research and archiving practices.
  • The profound messages embedded in Roxanne's exhibitions and installations, where she showcases her perspective on advanced industrial societies and the power of archives, utilizing mediums such as photography, text, video, and installation.

As their discussion unfolds, you'll have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Roxanne's artistry and the thought-provoking elements she incorporates into her work.

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
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Exploring the Vibrant Artistry of Roxanne Sauriol Hauenherm
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