Harmonizing Creativity: Unveiling John Tyler's Journey and Love Groove Music Festival

Get ready to be mesmerized by the art world's wonders as Rob Lee shares the truth behind masterful creations on this podcast. Together with our guest today: John Tyler, the talented 21-year-old artist, is a musician, film scorer, and the visionary behind the Love Groove Music Festival. With an impressive list of achievements, he has collaborated with renowned brands like Under Armour, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Visit Baltimore, and Maryland Public Television for film scoring projects. John's musical journey started early, releasing his first mixtape at the age of 16 and later debuting his album "The Good Side of Things" in 2019, which showcases his unique ability to blend multiple genres seamlessly. Beyond his musical pursuits, John founded the Love Groove Music Festival at 17, with the aim of providing a platform for young artists to showcase their talents and fostering a space for learning and networking. Aspiring to be a touring artist and film composer, John's dedication to giving back to his community through the Love Groove Music Festival is an inspiring testament to his commitment to both music and community engagement.

Throughout this presentation:

  • You'll hear about John Tyler's successful year in 2021, including thrilling performances at the Firefly Festival and exciting collaborations with renowned artists and organizations. Discover how John emphasizes networking and building relationships to seize new opportunities.
  • Tune in to learn more about John Tyler's future plans, as he's excited to focus on his solo career in 2022, embarking on a thrilling tour and engaging in inspiring collaborations with major foundations. Hear how John believes in the crucial role of good sleep for success and why it's a priority in his life.
  • Join us for a fascinating conversation with John Tyler, where he shares his passion for learning new instruments and techniques, which constantly expand his creativity and unique perspective. Gain insights into John's mindset and approach to success, as he navigates his musical journey and community engagement with Love Groove Music Festival.

Tune in for an eye-opening conversation with John Tyler as he reflects on the highlights of his successful year in 2021 and shares his plans for 2022. He discusses his experiences performing at the Firefly Festival, his collaborations with various artists and organizations, and his upcoming tour. John also emphasizes the importance of networking and prioritizing relationships over money. He talks about the impact of mindset and mental state on his performances and shares his love for learning new instruments and techniques. John concludes by expressing his excitement for the future and his goal of creating a festival that showcases local artists.

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John's First Interview
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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
John Tyler
John Tyler
Artist - Free Spirit out now - Founder of Love Groove Music Festival
Harmonizing Creativity: Unveiling John Tyler's Journey and Love Groove Music Festival
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