Inside Abstract Expression with Artist Alexi Abi Mikhael

Explore creativity where it meets business insight on 'The Truth In This Art Podcast'. I'm Rob Lee, and today, we're journeying with Alexi Abi Mikhael, a visual artist from the DMV area, whose abstract artwork marries diverse cultural influences. Drawing from her Middle Eastern heritage, she crafts compelling masterpieces unlike any other."

Alexi Abi Mikhael's journey in abstract art is a story of talent, art therapy, and entrepreneurial spirit. From finding art as a healing tool during high school to embracing inspiration from greats like Andy Warhol and Van Gogh, her work is imbued with emotion and personal experiences. In this episode, she emphasizes collaboration and adaptability in the art industry, giving us insights into her future ventures, including teaching art and participating in festivals. Dive into the conversation with an artist who skillfully unites therapy, art, and business.

Inside this recording, we venture into:

  • Alexi's early experiences with art during high school, where she discovered its power as a form of therapy. Explore how creative expression can serve as a means of coping during challenging times and how it has shaped her artistic journey.
  • How Alexi's Middle Eastern heritage influences her abstract artwork. Discover how she skillfully weaves together diverse cultural inspirations, bringing a unique and captivating dimension to her creations.
  • The intricate relationship between emotions and art in Alexi's work. Uncover the ways in which she employs colors, shapes, and lines as her emotional toolkit, allowing her to communicate a wide range of feelings and experiences through her abstract pieces.
  • The dynamic world of collaboration and adaptability within the art industry. Learn from Alexi's insights on why these qualities are crucial for artists to succeed, and how remaining open to learning and collaboration can enhance creativity and growth.
  • Her plans for teaching art classes and participating in art festivals, gaining valuable insights into her aspirations, teaching philosophy, and the exciting events she's preparing to engage in.

Join me in this inspiring conversation with Alexi Abi Mikhael as we delve into the vibrant world of abstract art, art therapy, and entrepreneurship. You don't want to miss it!

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Alexi Abi Mikhael
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Inside Abstract Expression with Artist Alexi Abi Mikhael
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