Jonathan Baylis: The Journey to Authentic Comics Through Collaboration

Jonathan Baylis: The Journey to Authentic Comics Through Collaboration

Dive into the captivating world of comics in our latest conversation on The Truth in this Art Podcast 🎙️. Join us as we talk with Jonathan Baylis, the creative force behind the autobiographical comic series "So Buttons."

What's Inside:

🎨 Learn how Jonathan crafts transformative narratives in his unique comics, all starting with the powerful word "so."
📚 Discover the secrets behind creating a cohesive story flow in comics, despite a non-linear narrative structure.
📲 Get insights into how Jonathan engages his audience through social media platforms and his website, providing a window into his artistic universe.
🚀 Sneak a peek at Jonathan's Kickstarter campaign launching in the Fall—expect exciting new issue offerings and spot gloss enhancements.
🌟 Join us in a conversation about how Jonathan aims to infuse his storytelling with positivity, drawing inspiration from his wife's narrative philosophy.

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