Lower Deck Cards and Artistic Exploration with John Perry

Lower Deck Cards and Artistic Exploration with John Perry

Meet John Perry: A Diverse Multi-Talented Artist and Creative Explorer. Join the enlightening conversation on The Truth In This Art podcast as host Rob Lee engages in a captivating interview with John Perry. Unveil John's artistic journey which is marked by intriguing experiences and accomplishments that have forged his distinctive artistic voice. 

John and Rob discussed the following topics:

  • Creative Beginnings: Explore John's first love creatively and how his interests in skateboarding, BMX, graffiti, Punk, and Hip-Hop during his formative years influenced his artistic path.
  • Memorable Moments in John's Career: Hear about the most remarkable moments in John's career, including having his work published in The Art of Modern Rock and his role as the Art Director for the Record Archive.
  • Lower Deck Cards: Uncover the origins and evolution of John's innovative project, Lower Deck Cards, which combines old photographs and baseball cards with his artistic vision.
  • The Creative Process: Gain insights into the process of sourcing cards for Lower Deck Cards and the inspiration behind each card's design.
  • Continuous Improvement: Explore John's relentless pursuit of improvement in his art and the various ways he tests his artistic abilities.

Join us as we dive into the mind of John Perry, an artist whose passion for continuous growth and artistic exploration shines through his captivating work. Don't forget to rate and review this episode to support the best in podcasting!

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Episode illustration by Alley Kid Art.

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John Perry of Lower Deck Cards
John Perry of Lower Deck Cards
Hand painted nostalgia on old sports cards.