Multimedia Artistry with Travis Levasseur: Immersive Experiences and Creative Inspiration

Your adventure begins with 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, presented by your host, Rob Lee. Today we have Travis Levasseur, a prolific multimedia artist and producer residing in Baltimore, MD, who draws on his film background to create a diverse range of artistic expressions. His impactful multimedia installations have graced esteemed venues like Big Law Country Club and Terrault Contemporary. Travis's single-channel video work has been showcased at renowned spaces including Vox Populi and Macao Milano, alongside prestigious festivals like the Borscht Film Festival. Recognized through fellowships at Elsewhere Museum and Johns Hopkins University, Travis's artistic journey is studded with accomplishments, including the Robert W. Deutsch Foundations Ruby Artist Grant and the Maryland State Arts Council Creativity Grant. A 2022 Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts Sondheim semi-finalist, Travis's work delves into themes of theft, violence, and greed, reflecting his unique perspective nurtured through his BFA in Film and Video from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

In this session, we take a closer look at:

  • The familial roots of Travis's creativity, delving into how his parents' influence and support shaped his artistic journey from an early age.
  • Travis's artistic vision, as we discuss his fascination with immersive experiences and innovative storytelling methods that redefine the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums.
  • Travis's unique artistic approach, where we delve into how he seamlessly integrates entertainment industry techniques like practical effects and robotics to elevate his installations and artworks.
  • The core of Travis's artistic motivation, examining the role of curiosity as a dynamic force that propels his work forward, while exploring the enduring role of passion in sustaining his creative journey.
  • The profound interplay between life and art from Travis's perspective, discussing how his experiences and daily existence intricately contribute to his artistic endeavors, forming a rich tapestry of creative inspiration.

Travis shares his background growing up in Richmond, Virginia, and his early experiences with art and creativity. He discusses his journey from studying film at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) to his current work as an artist. Travis also talks about two influential art exhibitions he saw in New York and how they shaped his perspective on storytelling and immersive experiences. He delves into the various roles he has held in the art world, such as artist assistant, gallery curator, theater technician, and video producer, and how they have informed his artistic practice. Travis explores the concept of pushing his vision to its limits and the importance of curiosity and passion in his work. He also discusses his most recent project, "The House That Daddy Built," which examines the history and legacy of a rebranded tobacco company in Richmond. Travis shares his plans for future projects, including screenwriting and pursuing an MFA.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
Travis Levasseur
Travis Levasseur
a multimedia artist living and working in Baltimore, MD.
Multimedia Artistry with Travis Levasseur: Immersive Experiences and Creative Inspiration
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