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Empowering Baltimore's Youth with James Piper Bond S7E31

Empowering Baltimore's Youth with James Piper Bond

· 28:01

Delighted to have you join 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, where Rob Lee is your host with today’s guest James Piper Bond, President and CEO of Living Classrooms Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, who is an advocate for experiential learning and community development. With a strong connection to Baltimore, Maryland, Bond's journey began when he volunteered with the Lady Maryland Foundation in 1986, eventually becoming its first full-time education director and witnessing its transformation into Living Classrooms in 1992. With over 37 years of involvement, he has passionately worked to create hands-on education and job training programs in challenging environments, aiming to disrupt the cycle of poverty and empower Baltimore's youth and young adults. Bond's commitment to providing new experiences and opportunities reflects his dedication to building connections and fostering positive change within his community.

About Living Classrooms Foundation
Living Classrooms, established in 1985, has been dedicated to providing equitable education, workforce development, community safety, and health opportunities. With a focus on disrupting the cycle of poverty and addressing historical disparities, Living Classrooms collaborates with Baltimore and Washington, DC communities to create community-driven programs. From its beginnings with the educational vessel Lady Maryland, the organization has expanded to serve over 30,000 individuals annually across various sites, valuing community priorities and aspirations while delivering tangible results.

In this session, we take a closer look at:

  • James Piper Bond's perspective, exploring the transformative influence of experiential learning and hands-on education in shaping youth opportunities.
  • Dive into the podcast episode's exploration of Living Classrooms Foundation, as it disrupts poverty cycles through collaborative, intergenerational strategies.
  • Delve into the podcast's dialogue on Baltimore's duality—its rich potential and ongoing challenges rooted in structural racism and poverty.
  • Immerse yourself in the podcast episode's conversation on community empowerment, as Bond highlights the potency of listening, cooperation, and resource provision.
  • Navigate the podcast's optimistic outlook, uncovering Living Classrooms and Baltimore's promising future—envisioned through emerging workforce development and environmental justice partnerships.

Don't miss this exclusive interview with James shares his journey from traveling the world to finding his purpose in Baltimore. He discusses the importance of experiential learning and how Living Classrooms provides hands-on education and job skills training to over 25,000 youth and young adults each year. Bond also highlights the challenges and opportunities in Baltimore, emphasizing the need to disrupt the cycle of poverty and address systemic issues. He expresses his excitement for the future of Living Classrooms and the city, as they continue to provide resources and support to the community.

Mentioned in this episode:
Upcoming event Maritime Magic for Living Classrooms Foundation

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Rob Lee
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James Piper Bond
James Piper Bond
President and CEO of Living Classrooms Foundation, a non-profit educational organization that provides hands-on education and job training programs in challenging settings


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