SACRÉ SUCRÉ: Crafting Artful French Macarons in Baltimore

Welcome to a captivating episode of "The Truth in This Art"! Join host Rob Lee as he engages in a meaningful conversation with Manuel Sanchez co-owner of Fells Point pastry studio, Sacré Sucré. SACRÉ SUCRÉ is a bakery and sweets maker specializing in French Macarons. SACRÉ SUCRÉ specializes in providing the best experience of gourmet French pastries to our customers. We bake our Macarons by hand to ensure attention to detail. We use high-quality ingredients to ensure only exceptional taste. At SACRÉ SUCRÉ, you are sure to enjoy the pleasure of traditional French culinary cuisine at its finest.

In this episode, we uncover:

  • The behind-the-scenes of SACRÉ SUCRÉ, an extraordinary pastry shop in Baltimore, co-founded by the passionate and dedicated Manuel and his partner.
  • The fascinating journey of how their hobby of making macarons turned into an all-consuming obsession to perfect the recipe, culminating in the establishment of SACRÉ SUCRÉ to meet the city's craving for high-quality pastries.
  • Explore the fusion of French-inspired pastries with a contemporary twist, where traditional techniques harmoniously blend with the creators' own imaginative touch. Uncover the secrets behind their unique creations that promise to delight the taste buds and captivate the senses.
  • Manuel's profound appreciation for the customer experience takes center stage, as we witness the joy of customers savoring their delectable pastries. Get ready for heartwarming stories of reactions and interactions that make the SACRÉ SUCRÉ experience truly memorable.
  • How SACRÉ SUCRÉ aims to transcend the boundaries of traditional French bakery offerings, as they fervently strive to craft one-of-a-kind and delicious pastries that leave an unforgettable impression. Join us for a mouthwatering exploration of artistry, passion, and the pursuit of pastry perfection.

Join us for an engaging conversation with Manuel Sanchez, co-owner of SACRÉ SUCRÉ, he shares his journey from computer engineering to opening a pastry shop in Baltimore. He discusses the inspiration behind starting the shop and the need for high-quality pastries in the city. Manuel also talks about the artistry behind French pastries and how they incorporate traditional techniques while adding their own modern touch. He emphasizes the importance of customer experience and the joy of seeing customers' reactions to their pastries. Manuel and his partner strive to create unique and delicious pastries that go beyond the traditional French bakery offerings.

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Manuel Sanchez
Manuel is 1 half of Sacre Sucre, a pastry Studio specializing in macarons, marshmallows and petits gateaux. Wed-Sat 10am to 8pm / Sun 10am to 7pm Macaron making classes -
SACRÉ SUCRÉ: Crafting Artful French Macarons in Baltimore
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