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Tia Goodson: The Retrospective Journey of BxB's HeART and Soul Event

Tia Goodson: The Retrospective Journey of BxB's HeART and Soul Event

Step into this authentic conversation with Tia Goodson, the Baltimore-born producer who's giving back to her community through impactful events like Baltimore by Baltimore's HeART and Soul 🎙️.

Inside the Episode:

🎨 Explore Tia's upbringing in neighborhoods like Freedom Way West and Govans, her collegiate journey at Howard University, and her inevitable return to Baltimore. Discover how these experiences have shaped her ethos and her work, including the conception of HeART and Soul.

👩‍💻 Dive into Tia's career, which has seen her collaborate with leading brands like Uber, Under Armour, and ESPN’s 30 for 30. We discuss how her business acumen and HBCU sense of community have uniquely positioned her in Baltimore's creative and entrepreneurial landscape.

🎵 Unveil the collective magic that went into BxB’s HeART and Soul, an event focused on self-love, health, art, and music. Tia and her team created an environment where community, culture, and creativity could thrive.

🔗 Gain insights into the importance of community engagement and inclusivity. Tia emphasizes the significance of connecting with various community groups and crafting experiences that resonate across diverse demographics.

Click the link below to join this enlightening conversation that takes you through Tia Goodson's remarkable contributions to Baltimore’s art and cultural community 🎧✌️.

This episode of The Truth In This Art is brought to you by the kind support of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore.

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