Trailblazing with Tuskegee Heirs: Greg Burnham's Adventure in Storytelling

Engage in an illuminating conversation with acclaimed writer Greg Burnham, known for his captivating Tuskegee Heirs comic series and author of two notable children's books, "Broken Glass" and "Grandpa's Shoes."

In this inspiring episode, we delve into:

  • Greg's fascinating journey in the world of comics and writing. His inspirations and motivations behind pursuing this creative career.
  • The conceptualization process behind his work. We learn about the diverse characters Greg creates and understand the importance of representation in his storytelling.
  • The hurdles Greg has encountered in his career and his methodologies to overcome them. Greg also shares insightful advice for upcoming writers who may face similar challenges.
  • The impact of platforms like Awesome Con on creators. We discuss how such platforms offer an opportunity to showcase work, interact with fans, and connect with the community.
  • Greg's approach to preparing for Awesome Con and the convention season. He shares his strategies for ensuring a successful and engaging experience for himself and his fans.
  • A sneak peek into Greg's exciting upcoming projects and collaborations. We also learn about his dream project that he wishes to undertake in the future.

This episode is a must-listen for comic enthusiasts, aspiring writers, and anyone intrigued by the creative process behind compelling storytelling.

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Rob Lee
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Greg Burnham
Comic Book Writer/Publisher/EditorDC Milestone Initiative Participant
Trailblazing with Tuskegee Heirs: Greg Burnham's Adventure in Storytelling
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