Chelsea Gregoire

Chelsea Gregoire

Chelsea Gregoire is a consultant with skills ranging from food and beverage industry to social media marketing, working under their own company, Drinkable Genius. They have worked with restaurants, production companies, international brand ambassadors, and national organizations. Always displaying the utmost professionalism, Chelsea consistently strives to create experience and community through their work. Chelsea also uses her background in theology, church planting, and community building to craft unique experiences, care for those in her community, and generate equal opportunity for women, LGBTQ, and people of color. In 2022, Chelsea will open their first cocktail bar concept as owner, Church, as a full circle moment for their background and their understanding of how we rise to meet what the hospitality industry needs in this moment.

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Creating a Home at Church Bar: Exploring Hospitality with Chelsea Gregoire

Join us on "The Truth In This Art" podcast as host Rob Lee sits down with Chelsea Gregoire, a consultant and educator in the hospitality industry. Explore Chelsea's jo...

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