Interview with plus-sized model Artemisia Johnson

Interview with plus-sized model Artemisia Johnson

Rob interviewed Artemisia Johnson, a published model, and they discuss her career, working as a plus sized model and pursuing dreams.
A Texas native, Artemisia Johnson has been living on the East Coast for the past 18 years. She began modeling in 2020 as a part of fulfilling a life long dream and feeding her creative spirit. 
Artemisia Johnson, a multi-published model, proudly represents the plus size and body positive communities. She is the proud mother of three amazing children, who all assist and support her modeling efforts in different ways. Her daughter, Collette, is a published MUA and hair stylist and has an integral role in crafting Artemisia’s social media presence.  
Artemisia Johnson is supported by her loving parents, four inspirational siblings; and a network of phenomenal friends, fellow models, and photographers.

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