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Celebrating Creativity and Community with Artemisia Johnson: A Journey of Self-Expression S7E86

Celebrating Creativity and Community with Artemisia Johnson: A Journey of Self-Expression

· 32:50

Delighted to have you join 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, where Rob Lee is your host with today’s guest Artemisia Johnson, originally from Texas and now residing on the East Coast for nearly two decades, embarked on her modeling journey in 2020, driven by her long-held aspiration and creative yearnings. As a multi-published model, she takes immense pride in championing the plus-size and body-positive communities. Artemisia's journey is further enriched by her remarkable role as a devoted mother to three incredible children, who actively contribute to her modeling pursuits in various capacities. Her daughter, Collette, a published MUA and hair stylist, plays a crucial role in shaping Artemisia's social media presence. Supported by her loving parents, inspiring siblings, and a network of exceptional friends, models, and photographers, Artemisia's path showcases a dedication to self-expression and empowerment within the world of modeling.

Within this chat, we shed light on:

  • The world of modeling as we unravel Artemisia's dynamic prowess in infusing creativity and authentic personality into her craft, igniting her visual storytelling.
  • The layers of self-acceptance and empowerment with Artemisia, as we delve into her embrace of uniqueness, spotlighting the journey of gratitude for celebrating her genuine self.
  • The impactful world of inclusive fashion with Artemisia, tracing her admiration for model Erica Lauren and her resolute pursuit of partnerships that champion diversity, fostering change within the industry.
  • The heartwarming support system that fuels Artemisia's journey, exploring the symbiotic connection with her talented daughter in hair and makeup, and the insightful styling advice offered by her sons.
  • The canvas of Artemisia's artistic ambitions, where we witness the aspiration to continue crafting visual narratives that resonate and amplify the beauty intrinsic to diverse communities, catalyzing conversations through the lens of art.

Artemisia shares her journey into modeling and her experience representing the plus-size and body-positive communities. Growing up in a creative household, Artemisia was surrounded by music, art, and a love for self-expression. She started modeling in 2020 and had a positive first experience with a supportive team. Artemisia's greatest strength as a model is her creativity and ability to let her personality shine through. She embraces her uniqueness and is grateful for the opportunity to be celebrated for who she is. Artemisia is inspired by model Erica Lauren and hopes to secure partnerships that promote inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. She values the support of her family, especially her daughter who is a hair and makeup artist, and her sons who provide styling advice. Artemisia's ultimate goal is to continue working on artistic shoots that make a statement and highlight the beauty within different communities.

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Artemisia Johnson
Artemisia Johnson
a multi-published model, proudly represents the plus size and body positive communities


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