Artistic Perspective: Creating Meaningful Work with Emily Gaines Demsky | Possibility, Authenticity, Community

Artistic Perspective: Creating Meaningful Work with Emily Gaines Demsky | Possibility, Authenticity, Community

Open your ears to 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, where Rob Lee is at the helm. With our today’s guest Emily Gaines Demsky, a Baltimore native and prolific artist, ignites conversation around perspective through her vibrant paintings, light-filled photography, and thought-provoking writing. With her studio nestled in Baltimore's Woodberry neighborhood, Emily crafts bold flower and horizon paintings, captures the essence of the creative process and nature in her photographs, and writes about gratitude, light, and wonder. Her locally showcased work, featured at galleries such as Fleckenstein Gallery, Bozzuto Greene Art, and Towson Arts Collective, resonates deeply with audiences and is embraced by numerous private collections. Emily is also the visionary behind f/LIGHT DECK, a transformative tool designed to shift perspectives and empower individuals through its vibrant art cards, actions, questions, and affirmations. Apart from her creative endeavors, Emily is an active community contributor, serving on The Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences. With a professional background in arts administration and a BA in Theater from Barnard College, Columbia University, Emily's rich journey encompasses artistry, community service, and strategic planning, all while rooted in her beloved Baltimore home.

During this conversation, we go in-depth on:

  • Emily's artistic realm as we dissect the profound symbolism of flowers and horizons, unraveling the narrative of hope and boundless potential that breathes life into her creations.
  • The soul of creative fulfillment with Emily, where we unravel the wisdom behind valuing authenticity and crafting art that resonates, steering clear of the allure of external validation.
  • Embark on a journey of transformation as we explore The Flight Deck, a powerful tool curated to guide individuals through the labyrinth of stagnation and empower them to soar beyond perceived limitations.
  • Enter the artist's sanctuary with Emily, as she shares her insights on fortifying the inner creative sanctuary against the cacophony of the art world, advocating for a resolute focus on cultivating one's distinctive expression.

Emily's work is inspired by flowers and horizons, which symbolize hope and possibility. Emily believes that we all have the ability to be artists and express ourselves creatively. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and creating work that is meaningful to oneself, rather than focusing on external validation. Emily has created a deck of cards called the Flight Deck, which contains artwork and actions designed to help people shift their perspective and overcome feelings of being stuck. She encourages artists to block out the noise of the art world and focus on their own unique expression.

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Emily Gaines Demsky

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Rob Lee
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Emily Gaines Demsky
seeks to ignite conversation around perspective through her painting, photography, and writing